I support the PMP's efforts to start a permanent tradition of a prestigious institute in our capital. I am happy to become the patron of the Prague Music Performance.

Ivan Moravec

The young organizers of this project offer much-needed master classes that have attracted world-renowned artists. I am delighted to see that talented young students will have a chance to work with true masters and that the PMP opens the door to their worldwide success. It is my pleasure to grant patronage to the project.

Josef Suk

Prague Music Performance is a great organization in a magnificent city with extraordinary people!

Alfred Brendel

Bravo for the Prague Music Performance! A wonderful idea in an incomparable city.

Leon Fleisher​

Prague Music Performance is one of my very favorite organization! One of the best places to play in the whole world!

Adrian Belew

PMP is a great organization!

Brad Mehldau

We really had a blast! We’re in little pieces all over the place… But plan to recollect ourselves here. Again soon!

Esperanza Spalding


The best hospitality and the nicest crowd! We love you!

Thurston Moore

Thank you for a great concert and your support! We had a great time in Prague!

Einstürzende Neubauten

The magic was created by the most dedicated team I have ever seen in my life they are passionate art lovers, warm hearted humans who simply add to carry on with what they have created in Prague. The atmosphere of love and the highest level of education.

Andrei Gavrilov


Today there are thousands of organizations and it is difficult to excel from the lot. Prague Music Performance is one of very few of it! Jan Bartoš and his team are so committed that it is guaranteed for the future of this undertaking. Besides of master classes by world-renowned musicians, they organize student concerts and it helps young musicians to let themselves known to the public. I think that the Czech Republic can be very proud of this organization!

Tamás Vásáry

Prague Music Performance is, without any doubt, a platform of international importance, which has found its place among the most significant cultural events in Prague. The PMP team deserves the highest of praise.

Harmonie Magazine

Prague Music Performance has brought the Czech metropolis closer to the standards of Elbharmonie in Hamburg or Philharmonie de Paris.

Hospodářské noviny

Prague Music Performance is continuously involved in all sorts of activities on a high professional level. In addition to being beneficial at the very physical of its activities, their wide-ranging effects make them beneficial for the entire cultural life in Prague. Over several years of its existence, PMP has proved professional as well as art qualities and the benefits of its projects. The committee positively assesses also the educational level, which is embedded in the activity of PMP. We recommend significant support for this highly conceptual and successful project.

Evaluation of the Expert Committee of the Municipality of the City of Prague