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A memorial concert to pianist and pedagogue Miroslav Langer (1945–2010) will take place on September 19 at 5 pm in the Martinů Hall at the Academy of Performing Arts. The concert will feature a selection of compositions by Claude Debussy, Leoš Janáček's On an Overgrown Path, and Franz Schubert's four-handed Fantasy in F minor performed by pianists and Mr. Langer's former students Jan Bartoš and Miroslav Sekera. The concert is organized in cooperation with the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 

On October 4, in the Prague Church of St. Vavřince, the Romanovská Tichý Hrubý trio with German drummer Klaus Kugel, and organist Jiřina Dvořáková Marešová in a duo with clarinetist and singer Matouš Vlčinský will perform an evening of free improvised music. In the end, both ensembles will collaborate in "moment-inspired and shaped" improvisation. The concert will also include the launch of a new CD of the Romanovská Tichý Hrubý trio entitled Bylo to právě.

POSTPONED TO OCTOBER 23, 2021 (SONO Centrum Brno) and OCTOBER 24, 2021. (Archa Theatre)


On November 7, the unique The Crimson Marathon project will be launched at the Archa Theater in Prague, created with the consent of King Crimson founder Robert Fripp exclusively for Prague Music Performance and Archa Theater. As of November this year, individual members of King Crimson will start performing, both in the music of this legendary group and their own projects. The first three-hour marathon will feature a star lineup – violinist David Cross, saxophonist Mel Collins, stick player Tony Levin, drummer Pat Mastelotto, and guitarist Markus Reuter.