Prague Music Performance Institute and Festival was founded by Czech pianist Jan Bartoš and Zenon Fishbein (Manhattan School of Music in New York) in 2010. PMP thematically connects workshops, lectures, concerts, residencies and publishing the books. For talented and socially disadvantaged students, PMP offers an opportunity to work with the most prominent artists and teachers. Also, PMP takes part in or independently organizes benefit events for charitable purposes to artistically contribute to and support individuals and projects with diverse needs.

PMP closely collaborates with other institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Austrian Embassy in Prague, Austrian Cultural Forum, Prague Academy of Performing Arts, National Gallery in Prague, National Film Archive, Czech Philharmonic, Prague Spring Festival, Strings of Autumn, DOX - Centrum for Contemporary Arts, Archa Theatre, Supraphon, Volvox Globator, Yamaha Pianos, UNI Magazine.

PMP is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture, the State Fund of Culture, the Capital City of Prague, and Pamela Stacy Fund.


Prague Music Performance

Bílkova 132/4

Prague 1


Czech Republic